The Week that Was – 17.06.2018

Another week gone by quickly.
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if this theory that sometimes pops up on the fringes of weirder ideas, which states that time is actually accelerating, might be true after all. And would that, considering what the General Theory of Relativity says, even be felt? Or are matters rather subjective? But let other speculation-inclined minds ponder this for now. Hit me up when the results are in!
Meanwhile, there never seems enough time to do all the things one wants to do. Even less so when you want get a proper night’s sleep, or two, in there as well. And after last week I had to prioritise that for a bit – less successful as hoped. In part I have my lovely cat Schnitzl (Full name & title: Tiger, Lord  Schnitzl. Best of Cats) and his nocturnal activities to thank/blame for that. But, honestly, my tendency for night-owling are strong and seem to be coming to the foreground again recently, miraculously shifting bedtime to later and later hours in the process.

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The Week that Was – 03.06.2018

Today I met Necronomidol. That’s the end. I mean, this is where we will finish today. First, we’ve got a whole week to get through. And, seeing how this is the first post of this sort, we’re gonna go even further back and do a little origin story.
Which goes a little like this:
It’s come to my attention that this blog isn’t quite writing itself as I’d hope it would. In the months since I started it I’ve had some ideas for topics to write about, have even started some – shall we call them(?) – essays, but didn’t manage to finish them and so, rather than a thriving online publication (yeah right, lol) or even a playground for me to practice writing, I’ve created a bit of a wasteland waiting for tumbleweed gifs to make a comeback.

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