The Week that Was 12.08.2018

I am, of course, aware that very little of what happens in an average week of mine is of fundamental significance to life, the universe and everything. Which takes a great load of responsibility of my shoulder – well, more precisely that load was never placed there to begin with. Either way, for the practicalities of writing these weekly (ahem) blog posts, it means that there is little to no need to fret a lot if a week does not get featured here. As for that recent week that wasn’t (In case you even noticed) – let’s blame the heatwave. And work. And now, let’s get on with things. After all, the weather finally cooled down a bit.

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The Week that Was 29.07.2018

Slowly things are returning to a more mundane rhythm. Slowly. We’re not there yet. At least the weather changed this weekend. The heat made place for some long overdue rain, clearing the air, giving some space to breathe and making it easier to find some sleep. Even my cat Schnitzl spent some time sleeping indoors during the night again. But first, imagine the music setting in and, in a slow fade we move into a backflash and in an artistic blur we are taken back to the beginning of the week for the recap montage… and the voiceover takes a deep breath and starts:

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The Week that Was – 24.06.2018

The week that was was rather unremarkable.

Sure, things have happened in the world. Good ones, bad ones, the world keeps turning. I’ve spent enough text ranting on politics in last week’s post, this week I’ll keep it short. After all a lot of things have been discussed at length elsewhere. Just to say that I, too, am of the opinion that anyone who separates children from their parents and then puts them into detention centres with the sole purpose of fighting migrants – you are not fighting migration, you are fighting migrants you worthless excuse for human beings – is a/are fascist(s). We can discuss politics of controlling/preventing migration, but treating migrants as second class humans is beyond discussion. Whether this is in America or Europe. (Btw. The Guardian released a list this week of the know casualties of the European Migrant crisis. Here.)

OK then, that off my chest, let’s, once again, look at the wonderful world of not politics. There was a story making its rounds that we may be the only advanced civilisation in the observable universe. Personally I would, even in that case, put “advanced” in quotation marks. But that may be just me. Anyways, this raises a bunch of questions: Are we really alone? Are we, as Arthur C. Clarke pondered a while ago, maybe the first such civilisation with others to follow? Do we not know how to look properly? And if the latter, why? Is it that we are simply not capable to find a civilisation like ours with our means? Or could it be that an alien civilisation is so fundamentally different from ours, that we wouldn’t know if we saw one? This speculation makes me think of examples thought up by Stanislaw Lem – Fiasco or even Solaris come to mind – or Fred Hoyle’s The Black Cloud. Either way, we mustn’t forget the Fermi Paradox & Drake equaton. And we mustn’t forget that a story such as the one that we’re likely to be alone, coming from some scientific study, is a great treat for any sensationalist media.

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The Week that Was – 17.06.2018

Another week gone by quickly.
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if this theory that sometimes pops up on the fringes of weirder ideas, which states that time is actually accelerating, might be true after all. And would that, considering what the General Theory of Relativity says, even be felt? Or are matters rather subjective? But let other speculation-inclined minds ponder this for now. Hit me up when the results are in!
Meanwhile, there never seems enough time to do all the things one wants to do. Even less so when you want get a proper night’s sleep, or two, in there as well. And after last week I had to prioritise that for a bit – less successful as hoped. In part I have my lovely cat Schnitzl (Full name & title: Tiger, Lord  Schnitzl. Best of Cats) and his nocturnal activities to thank/blame for that. But, honestly, my tendency for night-owling are strong and seem to be coming to the foreground again recently, miraculously shifting bedtime to later and later hours in the process.

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11 albums I posted for a 10 albums list

A spectre is haunting Facebook… well, more of a meme actually: People post 10 covers of albums picked from their favorite records in as many days and nominate others to do the same. Here’s the meme-text in all it’s copy/pasted, uhm, glory:
In no particular order list 10 all-time favourite albums, those that made an impact and are still on your rotation list even though you only play now and again.
Post the cover, no need to explain, and nominate a person each day to do the same. Day 10.
Today I nominate […]
And nominated I got. Usually I tend to ignore these kinds of things, but I kinda liked the idea of pondering my music-listener history and pick a couple of albums. I did abstain from nominating anyone. And I did, almost completely, abstain from commenting on the choices. I certainly didn’t explain anything. But now, that all 10 have been posted (well, 11, cause that’s how I roll) I feel that it would actually be nice to supplement the pictures with some words. After all, it’s about music!
Don’t worry, though. This is not going to end in musical analysis. It’s more of an attempt to tell some anecdotes around some of the albums, explain why I chose them and what else they represent – after all, boiling a good 30 years of music listening down into 10 eleven albums means that some albums stand for whole genres, some may stand for times or a certain age, and others again are outstanding and perennial, now, as much as they ever were.
Let’s get started, shall we?

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