Of otherworldly realms and the humans who imagine them

Living with Gods at the British Museum and Imagining the Divine at the Ashmolean Musem.

– reflections on a visit.

Recently I visited two interesting exhibitions dealing with the more material dimensions of religion, or maybe faith, which together made for an educational venture into a realm of the human condition which is both, fascinating as well as hard to grasp, especially as it is not always easily separated from the follies (and worse things) that humans often commit in its name. And yet there is a lot there to offer even to the nonbeliever: art, stories, philosophy, community… even, I believe, insights into what makes us human.
I should probably mention at this point that I am not a very religious person myself. (More elaborations on that maybe in a future post!) So you won’t be reading an exhaustive┬átestimonial┬áto faith, or ongoing praise for a single deity in what follows.
I do, however, find religions a rather interesting subject matter, because some form of supernatural thinking, ideas, stories or symbolisms that we consider as religious, as magical or as myth has been a part of our species, our cultures for a – historical, if not evolutionary – long period of time. And it has, without doubt, immensely influenced the cultural, political, social, etc., development of humankind.

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