Oliver Thomas Stummer*, Pataphysician. Austrian in London, works in a library, lives with a cat (Tiger aka Schnitzl), likes to read, learn, think (philosophize) and laugh.
Enjoys black drinks such as coffee or a certain stout which reportedly is “good for you”.
Soto Zen practitioner and budding Stoic.


Used to create music under the alias Tomoroh Hidari, as his Namelessness Is Legion, with the group Dystopian Dub Developents and as producer/programmer/engineer for bands Muede and Kreuzweg Ost. He’s running the small Dystopian Dub Discotheque weblabel and, while currently his musical activities are rather dormant, he hopes to be making and publishing music again “any time soon.”
Has a degree in Journalism and Communication as well as in English and a love/hate relationship with academia. As one does.


ZenThirteen** is the starting point for his latest endeavour – blogging. Read more about the meaning of this blog’s name and an initial mission statement in its inaugural post.


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*Please do not confuse him with Oliver Stummer, UFOlogist. Both of them are found on Google, both have an IMDB entry for sound engineering, both seem to have certain penchant for creative and unusal things… It can be confusing. If in doubt, ask!
**aka “zen 13”, “zen thirteen” or “zen13” for SEO purposes