The Week that Was 29.07.2018

Slowly things are returning to a more mundane rhythm. Slowly. We’re not there yet. At least the weather changed this weekend. The heat made place for some long overdue rain, clearing the air, giving some space to breathe and making it easier to find some sleep. Even my cat Schnitzl spent some time sleeping indoors during the night again. But first, imagine the music setting in and, in a slow fade we move into a backflash and in an artistic blur we are taken back to the beginning of the week for the recap montage… and the voiceover takes a deep breath and starts:

I had, by own choice and volition, a somewhat irregular work schedule this week, and extra late shift (late start, late finish – a welcome chance for some extra sleep…) and long Friday. In between, on Tuesday I also had an interview to re-gain my Senior Library Position – long story, but in short I had to go back to my permanent Library Assistant position for a while, after my fixed term contract ended. But now I’m about to move to a permanent Senior post so saving up for that planned Japan trip next year looks much more feasible!) Anyways, this made the week that was a good week…
Not just that. As previously mentioned I’m slowly finding my way back to a somewhat more regular schedule, going to the Dojo for Zazen again once a week, hopefully soon also getting my l.a. (lazy a..) to the gym again. And, eventually also finding time to work more on new music and sorting through all that photos that still wait to go up on flickr. We’re talking of the pics from Lisbon, but – even further back, from the Necronomidol gigs beginning of June (as an aside: your next chance to see Necronomidol in the west will be on the weekend 18/19 of August in Anaheim at East Meets West. There’s also tickets for a live stream available, if you can’t make it there in person!)


I didn’t take many/any pics this last week, as I’m thinking that I really should look into sorting out that backlog first… Although I might take up those lunchtime walks with camera and all again this coming week. Life doesn’t stop.
An exciting announcement made its way across my social media timelines on Friday, bearing the great news that, come September 21st, we will be treated to a Vinyl LP by Japanese electronic-/synthpop artist and one time BiS (Brandnew Idol Society) member Tentenko. And, as this is a joint release of new UK Label Toothpaste Records and Japanese label alegori , hopes are cautiously being gotten up that this might increase chances of Tentenko performing some shows in Europe. She recently already did a mix for London radio station NTS, it looks like people are taking notices of her… Besides doing great music she also has one of the cutest cats out there (save my own little Schnitzl, of course)! Hawk can be seen as the intro to the following video: Tentenko -次郎
More Tokyo cats here.


I’m still, btw., learning Japanese, even if things have been a bit slow due to me being away and all that. But I’m making progress: reading Hiragana goes easier and easier, Katakana is also getting more and more familiar, even though the transcriptions of foreign names & loanwords are still stumbling blocks. And more and more often I come across a Kanji I recognize. Although that’s still limited to a very few. And they’re all still pretty much “passive” knowlegde… don’t ask me to draw them for you.


I’m still immersing myself a lot into the language though – from buying Japanese sweets: because when the packaging is written in Kana it’s cultural exchange and not an unhealthy habit… – to mostly listening to Japanese acts. Very much in constant rotation are still BiSH, Billie Idle, BiS, Melon Bataka a go go (and their side projects: Garuda and Sozelica) as well as Mutant Monster and Vampillia. You should, of course, check all of them out!


That said, I made a bit of a detour, musically, on Saturday and went to south London for a night of noise. Noise=Noise, a legendary series organised by artist Ryan Jordan, used to take place about once a month in Hackney a few years ago when I moved to London. In the meantime the nights moved on, happened once or twice in Hong Kong and then, mostly, in Ipswich. This was already the second return to London and a welcome opportunity to meet some old pals and fellow musicians such as Ryan and his brother Luke, Vera Spektor (one of the fine people who do Workin Klass Noize where one of my his Namelessness Is Legion albums was released on Tape & Digital) and more…
Noise=Noise was also host to my first ever London gig, and one of only very few Tomoroh Hidari gigs I’ve played in this town (and there’s a recording of it available as live EP.)
So great stuff to reminiscence. And another welcome opportunity to shamelessly plug my music releases. (50% off when you buy the whole digital discography before August 23rd 2018 23.59h)


Before we come to the conclusion of the review, let me tell you about the book I finished reading last week: Nebula award winning The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu. Hands down one of the most exciting Science Fiction books I’ve read in recent years. Intelligent hard SciFi taking place in an era spanning from the Chinese Cultural Revolution to the present time with a number of twists along the way that are as riveting as they are smart. I immediately had to get the two follow up novels, which I don’t think I’ve done since I the Neuromancer Trilogy and the inappropriately named Trilogy of Four that is the five books of the Hitchhikers Guide series.
So if you are into hard SciFi, I definitely recommend you check out Cixin Liu’s books!


And with that I’ve nothing more to say about the Week that Was. Below are instagram impression or two from the noise=noise night.

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