The Week that Was – 17.06.2018

Another week gone by quickly.
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if this theory that sometimes pops up on the fringes of weirder ideas, which states that time is actually accelerating, might be true after all. And would that, considering what the General Theory of Relativity says, even be felt? Or are matters rather subjective? But let other speculation-inclined minds ponder this for now. Hit me up when the results are in!
Meanwhile, there never seems enough time to do all the things one wants to do. Even less so when you want get a proper night’s sleep, or two, in there as well. And after last week I had to prioritise that for a bit – less successful as hoped. In part I have my lovely cat Schnitzl (Full name & title: Tiger, Lord  Schnitzl. Best of Cats) and his nocturnal activities to thank/blame for that. But, honestly, my tendency for night-owling are strong and seem to be coming to the foreground again recently, miraculously shifting bedtime to later and later hours in the process.

The hours before that, this precious time between coming home from work and succumbing to the realm of somnus, which in German are known under the beautiful name of Feierabend (pronounce: fire awe-bent! Or something like that!), I spent busily going through all the photos I took at last week’s gigs (well, I haven’t made it through all yet), trying to step up my efforts in learning Japanese and, because it ain’t all fun and games, sorting out some of the more mundane things in life. Now, those are pretty mundane, so unless I manage to get into hardcore Ulysses mode and start telling my whole inner monologue from yesterday’s Bloomsday, I’d say we skip those details and look at bigger pictures.


And this time round – something I don’t tend to do often – I’m going to comment on politics. I have written, on this blog, about the current Austrian government before. Not currently residing in my old homestead and not planning to move back there anytime soon, I’m not really paying much attention to the everyday details on how those currently running the game are failing the country and its people. (*Quick side-glance at the current government AND opposition here in the UK. But I’m not going into how BREXIT MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COST now…*) I do get the headlines from what Kurz and “Bumsti” Strache are doing in Austria via the articles & headlines my friends share on social media. A lot of it is disgusting, much is worrying… but when then, last week, I read in the Independent that chancellor Kurz was calling for an “Axis of the Willing” to fight migrants and that this “axis”, in his mind, should consist of Germany, Italy and Austria, I felt shocked. Here’s this stupid kid who has no idea of history summoning the spectres of Europe’s darkest historic moments. And it didn’t even make proper waves! There was hardly any outrage… it’s seems like we’re already far too long down the road of normalisation! Considering that Austria is taking over the EU presidency for the next half year starting July 1st, its government deserves even closer scrutiny. And with governments across Europe having in recent (and not so recent) elections drifted further and further to the right, it may be time for the people, and especially for the media, to change the discourse and offer better alternatives to those who, disenfranchised with the way the world is taking, are falling for the lies and machinations of the demagogues. And a first step in this will, that is my opinion, have to be to create a new alternative, a new political outlook that is not based on the outdated ideas of Marxism or classic socialism. Which is not to say that it necessarily have to jettison all the principles found therein. But needed is the recognition that there is a lot in these political theories that doesn’t work, never will and never has. I know this is difficult, and I don’t have the answers at this point. I’ll let you know should I come across them. One of the fundamental shifts will certainly have to be a move from idealistic politics and policies to pragmatism.


Meanwhile… Back to the wonderful wide world of not politics.
Friday and Saturday night I managed to work on some music again. I’m only making slow progress these days. In part because there’s only so much time available, in part because I’ve always been a slow worker where music is regarded. I kind of admire people who can do a track in an afternoon. Mine need longer to develop. But a few are developing nicely and ideas for a release (or cycle of releases) are starting to emerge. It will soon be time to finally tackle that relaunch of and look into live acts. In the meantime I’m still working on sorting the re-releases of my older records in crispy digital formats on the bandcamp page as well as looking into other possible formats (CDR, because that’s what a lot of artists in Japan are seemingly doing; lathe cut vinyl editions…) and merchandise. More on that as the news come in.
I didn’t manage to take a lot of photos this week. Considering the backlog I have in getting pictures ready that my be a good thing. But I also try to keep at it. For one thing there are my lunchtime walks. Having Borough Market next to my workplace I like to stop by there frequently. I think it makes sense to focus on a certain area, get to know the place and what’s going on there. Also, over time, you may catch the life there in a lot of variety. So some of this week’s pictures were taken there.
The others were almost all taken today on a walk through Soho, around Picadilly Circus and Leicester Square. Walking through Soho I can’t help to notice how much this area has change from the Soho I used to know when I came to visit in the late 80s and 90s, to how I found it in 2011 and 2012 (the year I moved to London) to how it is now. I’m well aware that all is constant change and to try to keep things in a certain way only leads to trouble. But I also wonder what we’re losing or giving up in the bargain?
Below is what is…

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