The Week that Was – 03.06.2018

Today I met Necronomidol. That’s the end. I mean, this is where we will finish today. First, we’ve got a whole week to get through. And, seeing how this is the first post of this sort, we’re gonna go even further back and do a little origin story.
Which goes a little like this:
It’s come to my attention that this blog isn’t quite writing itself as I’d hope it would. In the months since I started it I’ve had some ideas for topics to write about, have even started some – shall we call them(?) – essays, but didn’t manage to finish them and so, rather than a thriving online publication (yeah right, lol) or even a playground for me to practice writing, I’ve created a bit of a wasteland waiting for tumbleweed gifs to make a comeback.

Time is, of course, always an issue (and if not an issue, an excuse). But there, alas, is the often untapped resource of Sunday evenings. I remembered this, in part, because a while ago I used to have a tumblr blog where I did a thing called “Pictures of the Week“. Which, in a way, shall be revived here: I just got a new camera, am getting more and more into street photography (as well as taking snaps at gigs etc) and want another platform to feature some of the results than my instagram.
Some of those pictures will be part of a story I also have something to write about, some will stand alone. Some will come in handy to illustrate topics.
Some topics will be without pictures. Speaking of topics: Everything goes. Let this thing develop. If it happened-, I’ve read or heard about it during the previous week, or it somehow fits in there, it shall be written about. Bringing this idea for a weekly review post up in conversation I got a lot of encouragement to do this. And thus the decision was made.
And so it starts:
(NB: until I’ve figured out formatting properly, pictures will be at the end of the posts!)
Because we’re still just picking things up with the origin story, we’ll start things off with last Sunday (even though, in general, our weeks here shall start on Monday.):
Last Sunday, as it were, I went to Comicon London. This, let it be known, was a first for me. I’m not really into comics very much, but then the show is about a lot more. You get stalls that sell Asian sweets & food, apparel or films & music. And all kinds of things fun to check out. And then there’s the whole cosplay thing. A draw for me, as it would prove a good opportunity to go about practice taking pictures of people and developing the skills needed to talk to strangers, ask them if you can take a picture and feeling confident as a (street-)photographer. Truth be told, I didn’t find a lot of the resulting shots very good. One the one hand, because I’m not familiar with a lot of the originals people were dressed up as. On the other, as people – even in great costumes – posing (often before less than ideal backdrops) are not quite as interesting as the spontaneous shots on the streets I’m after. There was one shot I got on the DLR platform on the way home which I really like. And a few more that are decent enough. And, in any case, a Sunday spent in an interesting way.
Monday, a bank holiday, I took a trip to Brighton. My fist one. Camera ready & Maison Book Girl blasting on the mp3 player (which was sort of fitting, since they played Brighton on their very recent UK tour – I saw and photographed them in London) I entrusted myself to Thameslink and after a quite bearable trip, arrived at this ‘hip’ seaside town. There I met my niece, Victoria, who goes to a boarding school in nearby Eastbourne. Once we’d taken care of the important things (i.e. coffee) we had a look at the royal Pavillion, a stroll through the Laines and soon found ourselves on the Pier. There we treated ourselves to a ride on a ghost train. A welcome, if somewhat short and anti-climactic trip down memory lane to childhood adventures.
Later, after lunch, we had a stroll through – what I guess is the source of Brighton’s popularity with hipsters. Which, if I’m honest, felt a bit like a metastasis of the whole Bricklane/Shoreditch cool. Not quite my thing.
So while it was certainly a nice day out at the seaside, I can’t – at least after this one day trip – quite see why so many speak so highly about the town. Part of it is touristy, part is too hipster… maybe, even though I doubt it, I haven’t seen the right bit yet. Anyone reading and disagreeing – I’m ready to be shown & have my mind changed.
There was some nice street art about, and I did come home with a couple of nice pics. And spending some time with my niece was great no matter what.
Tuesday it was back to work. Consequently the next couple of days were not quite as exciting. As I’d done for a while now (as can be seen on my instagram) I’d been using my lunch breaks for some walkabouts, this time round frequently “hanging out” Borough Market which is right next to my workplace, looking to get some good photos.

Evenings were spent looking at videos about- and reading up on street photography. And, from time to time, being sidetracked into discovering new Japanese Idol bands. The discovery of the week would have to be Melon Batake A Go Go – Idol with a touch of Psychobilly & Rockabilly (!!) with memorable titles such as “The Idol from Outer Space”

Now, while I’ve shelved a couple of good books recently, I only read one of note recently: Bertrand Russel’s The Problems of Philosophy. Somehow this had eluded me so far. It’s a very well done introduction to Philosophy, and as such even for someone like me who’s read a bit more in the field over the year, a pleasure to read. It can be nice to get your head into a decent overview of the fundamentals in a discipline where one can easily lose oneself in a backroom of somebody else’s Ivory Tower.
Saturday I did some extra hours at work, before finally finding some time to do a bit of music in the evening, and thus Sunday – today – arrived eventually.
Now, I’ve already mentioned this on the way in: Today I met Necronomidol.
They are an alternative Idol unit doing Lovecraft themed tunes, mostly in a post-Black Metal & Darkwave style. When I first, quite coincidentally discovered them a couple of months ago I was immediately hooked. And have, for a while now, been looking forward to their UK tour which starts tomorrow. Today they had a record signing session in Shoreditch and I got to meet them, talk to them (practising my still hardly at all existing Japanese) and being a good wota. If you’re up north – tomorrow, the 4th, they play Manchester and on the 5th Birmingham Wednesday they will play London and before heading over to the continent where they will play Metz on the 7th and Paris on the 8th and 9th. Which I’ve taken as a welcome occasion to visit that great city on the Seine myself again… So you see, an end is often a great beginning, or an outlook at things to come!
Make sure to be reading next week’s post, which will have even more Necronomidol. And Paris. And who knows what else!
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And here’s all the pics:

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